Motion Design | Illustration
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Through These Eyes

'Through These Eyes' Title Sequence

A fictional movie about the life of a man who can see things in microscopic view and that warps his view of the world drastically - both mentally and physically.

“This is how I view the world. This is my life.
There is no big(ger) picture.
Everything comes down to the minute details.
These eyes see everything,
but at the same time,
nothing at all.”

In this title sequence, I wanted to depict his "warped view" and the isolation and loneliness he feels.

Microscopic Shots

The Materials

It was my first time using a microscope so I did not know what to expect, so I was really excited to see what everything looked like through it.
Hence, I used every-day materials found around the house and outdoors like broccoli, flowers, cable wires, spiders, ink, craft materials, plastic bags,etc to experiment.

Music by: Message to Bears
Special Thanks: Camila Gomez & Nicolas Manrique
(Both whom helped take the footages with me)