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Human Wildlife Conflict

'Human-Wildlife Conflict'

A project done with Camila Gomez for Projection class at SCAD based on the theme 'Nature VS Culture'. 

As human populations expand and natural habitats shrink,
people and animals are increasingly coming into conflict over living space and food.  
The impacts are often huge.  People lose their crops, livestock, property, and sometimes their lives. 
The animals, many of which are already threatened or endangered, are often killed in retaliation or to ‘prevent’ future conflicts.
In this piece, we wanted to highlight how increases in livestock/domestication and a decrease in natural habitat
have inevitably resulted in livestock predation by leopards, and subsequent retaliation by herders. 

This piece was projected on the walls of the SCAD's Montgomery Dorms.
I wanted to play with the divide/pillar in the middle of the actual structure, using it as a "portal" of sorts to transition actions in the 2 different scenes,
and also to depict the interconnection and 'divide' between humans and wildlife.

Music: Jon Hopkins

Art Direction, Concept Development, Background and Asset Design (Forest), Fire & Smoke Animation, Farmer Character Animation, Forest Scene Animation, Video/sound Compositing:

Adabelle Tan 

Character Designs, Background and Asset Design (Farm), Animal Character Animation,
Farm Scene Animation, Video Compositing:

Camila Gomez