Motion Design | Illustration



A group project done with Camila Gomez and Nicolas Manrique for Prof. John Colette's class at SCAD..
We had to project this piece on 4 rectangular boards placed in a certain arrangement as a requirement.
This is based on the song "Astronaut" by Simple Plan as I thought the lyrics were well suited for the story we could develop to connect these 4 boards together 'seamlessly'.
I also wanted to try out a vector style that I see commonly used.

Music: 'Astronaut' - Simple Plan

Art Direction, Concept Development and Storyboards, Background and Asset Designs, Character/Prop/Background Animation:

Adabelle Tan 

Astronaut Designs, Background and Asset Design (Interior Scene), Kinetic Type, Glitch, Animation, Compositing:

Camila Gomez

Astronaut Falling Animation (00:42):

Nicolas Manrique